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[IP] Re: Weird night - what happened?

Had outpatient surgery on my neck yesterday, a second, to remove a mole that 
had shown dysplastic (changed, not cancerous - yet) cells.  It was more 
extensive and took longer than I'd anticipated but my sugars were humming OK 
through the evening.  I ate about 2 cups of popcorn watching ER so was 226 
before bed.  My prior experience from a high at bed told me that, as Walsh 
suggests, I calculated my dose and cut it in 1/2, I'd stay high all night.  I 
calculated I needed 3 units so cut it by 1/3 and took 2 units.  Awoke at 3A 
feeling OK but checked and I was 44.  I drank a glass of milk (carton says 13 
CHOs in 1 c.).  Set the alarm for 5A to check and I was 336.  Couldn't 
believe it so I checked 3 more times (I used Fast Take which I've had no 
problems with) and the numbers kept going up to 356, 376, 396 in a 10 minute 
period.  Ketones negative.  I thought something was wrong with the meter so 
called Fast Take and did a control solution test (hadn't dated it when opened 
so it may have been too old).  Meter seemed to be OK so I did treat for a 350 
and rechecked every hour.  Numbers came down fine to a 154 at 8A.  No ketones 
ever (checked 3 times just in case and did push water).

Any idea what happened?  Really spooked me because I just happened to wake up 
to visit the john.  The results were good but I haven't a clue as to the 
why's which leaves me apprehensive to go to sleep.  I haven't needed to 
inject because the pump or site isn't working.  How do you calculate how much 
to shoot?  Is it the same amount you'd put through the pump?  Should I 
suspend basals while I'm shooting?  Always something new to learn.  Jill T 
Peaks Island Maine
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