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Re: [IP] pump selection questions

On 4 Jan 2001, at 17:23, Richard Seyler wrote:

> other, just pick the one that you like best."  Now, I can look at specs
> and features of the various models, but unlike a car, I can't take them on
> a test drive to see which I prefer before buying.

Actually, you may be able to do that.  If there's a rep in your area 
who has a loaner...  It's worth asking.  

Me, I was too impatient to do all that and I wanted the Micro QRs 
(and didn't know that pumps could use the various infusion sets 
from different manufacturers) and my own endo had given me 
literature only for the Minimed, so that's the one I went for.

But if I'd felt more leisurely about it, I'd have wanted to "test drive" 
> So, I am interested in hearing opinions from users of various models about
> qualities that they like and/or dislike about the model they have.  In

I don't know anything different, so all I can say is I'm happy with 
mine.  Minimed 508.  I'm still learning how to do square waves and 
dual waves and when, but I do like that feature.

> differences in the delivery systems of MiniMed pumps vs the Disetronic
> models and their implications when using small basal rates.  

During the day, my basal is .5 units per hour, but during sleep 
hours it's .1 unit per hour.  It's pretty easy to program both of those 
into my pump.
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