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[IP] Re: meter brand

> my Animas rep had a MM 507 to show me when I first met with him, in direct
comparison the Minimed was chinsey in my opion.  <snip> Some of the reps may
have had other companys pumps(like my rep did) and they may be able to show
you those as a comparison.>

But, was that a TRUE comparison since MiniMed has 2 generations since the 507?
(507C and 508). It has been said many times on this list to not let the
companies compare other companies' meters to theirs. Get the information from
each company about their own meter.  And it is unusual for a door to come open
consistently for one or two particular people. It could be user error, too. If
it is filled to 300 units causing the the Luer lock to stick out making a
*grabber* or not having it in a case or whatever may be causing it to trigger.

Jan & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99, pumping happily for 6 yrs. prior with a MM506)
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