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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #761

>This question is directed to those of us with 20 or more years with diabetes.
>I remember first thinking of finding a BG meter in 1981/2 but decided that
>I wouldn't spend that much...... (about $400)...
>About 2 years later I finally did spend a smaller amount for my first BG
>meter - A mere $250.00 Think that was in the summer of 83...
>Anyone else?

I remember going to a diabetic camp (NJ->NJDA) back in '68 or so.  I remember 
that they had this amazingly HUGE machine (about twice the height of a PC and 
the rest of the size thereof) which read a tiny little strip that was a 
DextroStrip.  I remember asking my doctor about getting these strips and he 
kind of laughed and said blood testing wasn't really necessary.

Some eight or ten years later ('79) I got the sight strips and my first 
dextrometer.  The 'wonderful' dextrometer has been described by other users 
(above) but wish I still had mine (for my 20th anniversary of pumping party 
that all of you are going to suprise me with).

I've actually met this original doctor since (who was my pediatrician) and 
he's told me he was very happy his original guess of 18-20 years (life span) 
was wrong.

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