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[IP] TesTape


I do not remember the timing of TesTape but I do remember it was in a thin 
gray box similar to the way Scotch tape is sold today.  It looked like yellow 
ribbon and turned green the higher the sugar was in the urine.

My mom bought a little cabinet that we put on the toilet that I would pee in 
cups (we actually cleaned then used the hair spray canister caps (I had three 
sisters in high school!).  To my horror I remember one time about 4 PM I 
really believed I was low, peed in the cup then screwed up and spilled it all 
over that cabinet.  Of course since it was really testing three to four hours 
before that moment, it turned the tape GREEN.  Mom did not believe that I 
felt low, wouldn't give me orange juice so I snuck off an at a whole handful 
of M&M's.  I was about ten at the time.

Cee Dee
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