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Re: [IP] Cost of first meter...... and when (prior to 1985)

In a message dated 01/04/2001 6:32:24 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I remember first thinking of finding a BG meter in 1981/2 but decided that 
 I wouldn't spend that much...... (about $400)...
 About 2 years later I finally did spend a smaller amount for my first BG 
 meter - A mere $250.00   Think that was in the summer of 83...
 Anyone else? >>

Yes, I bought one of those $400 meters in 1981, from Ames I think.  My mom, 
my husband and myself each pooled together our tax returns to buy it and a 
bottle of strips, which cost $60 for 25 strips.  At that time I was 20 years 
old, in college, and both husband and me living on part-time minimum wage 
jobs ($2.90/hr).  At the price of the strips I just used it if I felt real 
high or low.

Now I get my meters for free and my insurance covers 300 strips a month so I 
can test 10 times a day.  

OK, NOW I want a little wrist watch to tell me what it is ALL the time...

After that I fully expect to be cured, (heh, I can dream can't I???)

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