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Re: [IP] Cost of first meter...... and when (prior to 1985)

I probably don't qualify, but I don't remember the actual date, so I'm 
going to post anyway.  I got my first meter when I was preparing for my 
orals in graduate school, probably around 1985 or 86.  I got it free when I 
went to see a University clinic doctor, who was horrified at the antiquated 
way I was treating my diabetes (two shots of NPH/R--I didn't even know it 
was antiquated), and immediately put me on MDI and gave me the bG 
meter.  It was big and tan, required you to add blood, wait a minute, wipe, 
then wait another minute. The timing was all manual.  I still only buy 
watches with second hands.  You had to time the pee tests too, so I've been 
buying watches with second hands for quite a while.

I can't remember the make of it for the life of me.  It might have been an 
AccuCheck; I'm pretty sure it was an Ames meter.  ChemStrips sounds 
familiar to me but I remember them as being the strips you stuck into urine 
for 5 or 2 seconds (depending on the year) to check for spilled sugar.

I had that meter for a long time, and remember particularly testing in the 
restroom of a dance club several years later when some women who identified 
themselves as nurses came up and watched the procedure with great 
interest.  They were amazed that I used a second hand to time the 
test.  When I told them that correct timing was crucial to accuracy they 
just laughed at me.  Said they just waited a while, then wiped, then 
read.  This was in a hospital setting.

The technology has changed, but the people sure haven't...

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