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Re: [IP] Cost of first meter...... and when (prior to 1985)

> Jim, I got my first meter during the summer of 1985 (an Accu-check as I
> remember) and it cost around $150 from Walgreens.

I too was introduced to monitoring in '85...okay, actually '86, since my dx
was in late December!  And it was with an Ames machine that I still have, I
think...I still used it (once in a GREAT while - like every 3 or 4 months,
because I knew, of course, that would tell me how I was sugar-wise) until 3
1/2 years ago, when this wonderful guy I'm now married to & another IPer
forced me to "see the light" & straighten up my act, as far as health
management is concerned.  (Thanks, Michelle!!)

Anyone else out there still have the video "Living with Diabetes", that came
with the monitor?  It was done by a diabetic actor (Tom somebody?), & has
other celebrities (actors, athletes, announcer) of the day who are also
diabetic on it, showing you aspects of their life.  When my mom was dxed as
Type 2 a few years ago, I took all the resources I could find here over to
her house, & that was something we ended up watching together...& marveling
at how complicated the "meter usage" process was. with all the watching the
clock & wiping & such.  Yes, I REALLY appreciate the speed & convenience
we've got at our fingertips (literally!) today!

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