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Re: [IP] Cost of first meter...... and when (prior to 1985)


At 07:28 PM 01/04/2001 , you wrote:


>Jim, I got my first meter during the summer of 1985 (an Accu-check as I 
>remember) and it cost around $150 from Walgreens.  Prior to that (since 
>1957) all I had was the Clinitest(where you put drops of urine and water 
>in a test tube and dropped a pill in.  when the pill finished fizzing, you 
>checked the color of the solution against a color scale.  Please remember 
>that this method only trailed your actual BG by about 4 to 5 hours.  A 
>real pain in the A#%.

Trailed by 4 to 5 hours and was also dependent on each individual's renal 

There was also a very easy way to always make it BLUE (didn't use it til a 
job medical). Drink a LOT of water, test and then drive like crazy back to 
the company medical office "holding it all the way"....   Wonder why the 
nurse grinned, seeing that the urine looked like water <vbg>....  That was 

Jim S.
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