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Re: [IP] Drinking regular pop not deadly

At 09:06 PM 1/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
 >Rhonda wrote:
 ><<What is the reason it is not good to drink a real coke when you are low?
 >have been told that before by a stranger, but never learned the reason
 >On MDI regular coke was all I used to treat lows, it was the only thing that
 >worked.  On the pump, however, it has shown to be too much for me, and sends
 >me into a high when I use it.  I don't need as much carb for lows on the
 >pump as I did on MDI...  I can only surmise that 12 oz of regular coke which
 >contains 39g of carb, is too much to treat a low on the pump which usually
 >only requires 15g of carb or less?  YMMV...
But how about adjusting for the carbs.  My CDE taught me this..if treating 
a low between 50 and 80 to subtract 15 grams carbs from the total carbs and 
bolus for that...below 50 and subtract 30 grams.  works fairly well for me.

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