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[IP] Re: iBig (or giant) babies....

Hello everyone....
Interestingly enough, I'm type 1, been pumping since halloween with my 
sweetie an HTron plus...
I'm adopted, and 17 years after my story-less birth(11/07/1975), was dxd with 
interesting correlation- I was 10.5lbs at birth....(we have no med history at 
Being diabetic, and reading everything I can as a 25 year old looking forward 
to at least a couple of babies in the future(not too soon, but someday) I was 
so intrigued by the how/why bigger babies occur....but they do occur, 
sometimes with non-D women...and I hate the way some endo's treat their 
patients as though everythning they are doing is just plain wrong when their 
patients are trying(I've reported my ex endo to the med. board in NY)so very 
hard...I am so thankful for my current endo who is an incredible person.  
It's weird but I read somewhere about women with A1C's of 13+ having healthy 
babies(not a recommendation in any way shape or form) but that the women 
testing and adjusting frequently had better chances of healthy pregnancies 
and ultimately healthy kids-and I believe anyone "trying" to become a mom(and 
dad) is going to try, if they have this disease, to give theiir kids and 
themselves the best chance possible.....
Anyways, just rambling and enjoying the journey with Sherry C.'s tales of 
triumph(and everyone else...how cool are we for taking this step into 
pumping? it would be better with out the big D, but the courage and 
dedication on this list is mind blowing!!!!)
Hugs and kisses to all!!!
email @ redacted
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