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Re: [IP] Re-directed Fundraiser (was: Living with Diabetes Psyc

    The "formula" which JDRF now endorses is a very simplistic fund-raising 
tool: letter-writing to everyone you know & anyone they know. Yes, our family 
team has raised $100,000 since our first year participating in the JDRF WALK 
to Cure Diabetes in 1991, 2 wks post-diagnosis. This year, Melissa's team 
raised about $23,000 and last year she raised $26,000. The first year we 
raised $500 just from neighbors & family. By contrast, a first year team in 
our Phila chapter raised an astounding $28,000 this year for their 6 year old 
daughter's team!!!
    We now follow a more systematic approach, mailing out hundreds of letters 
explaining the "state of the art" in diabetes research, JDRF's track record, 
Melissa's life with diabetes, etc. We enclose a self-addressed envelope & 
then just wait for the checks to arrive from mid-August until even weeks 
after the WALK. 
    In November, I also mailed a thank you letter to the approximately 350 
donors, extolling the success of the WALK here ($1.5 million this year) & 
even xeroxing on the back of the letter a copy of the graph showing the bgs 
pre-and post Edmonton islet transplants, so that the general public could 
better "see" what cure research dollars could represent.
    I should also add ( for the skeptics) that JDRF has done an incredible 
job in the past few years of coordinating collaborative research efforts so 
that there is true collegial sharing of information, materials, etc. For 
those who care to know more about this, check out either www.jdrf.org where 
you can read about the many extensive research projects, and also 
www.diabetesstation.org in the archives of the live chats with renowned 
researchers such as Dr James Shapiro from Edmonton or Dr. Camillo Riccordi or 
Dr. Norma Kenyon, both of whom are affiliated with the DRI in Miami.
     Yes, there are still MEGA hurdles to surmount in translating the 
Edmonton success to the general diabetic populace, BUT the fact that "IF" is 
now a "WHEN" is a major accomplishment in the research comminity's opinion.
     And in the interim, according to the newest Diabetes Interview, the 
approximately 46,000 pumpers in 1998 are now closer to 100,000 which means 
that many more diabetics in better control to avail themselves of any future 
cures & that's sweet music to this Pump Mom's ears!!!
Regards, Renee (pump mom to Melissa- pumping since March '96 & celebrating 
her 18th bday today!!!)
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