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Re: [IP] Cost of first meter...... and when (prior to 1985)

While I fall 2 years short of your desired audience, when I was diagnosed
(November 18, 1982,) I was in the hospital for 7 days...went in weighing all
of 79#...and was taught everything before I left.  Now they don't even admit
you if you're able to speak.

My first meter was the Glucometer where you had to rinse the blood off with
distilled water and then blot the strips dry.  I forget how long it then took
to read the BG level.  My mom set up a little area in our playroom with a
desk and all of my 'stuff'  We called it my laboratory.  I know that my Mom's
insurance didn't cover it and when I just asked her, she said it was about
$500.00.  I never had to do urine tests...thankfully.  We've come a long way,

And how about the 'old' days of beef and pork insulin!  Luckily, I was chosen
to be one of the first kids in Cleveland to use the human insulin.  Nobody
else likes the bacteria e. coli, but he keeps me alive by making my insulin!

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Age 29, Cleveland, Ohio
DM at age 11, pumping 6 years as of today!

In a message dated 01/04/2001 08:33:07 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< This question is directed to those of us with 20 or more years with

 I remember first thinking of finding a BG meter in 1981/2 but decided that
 I wouldn't spend that much...... (about $400)...

 About 2 years later I finally did spend a smaller amount for my first BG
 meter - A mere $250.00   Think that was in the summer of 83...

 Anyone else?

 Jim S.
 email @ redacted >>
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