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Re: [IP] Drinking regular pop not deadly - to Susan M. with sarcasm...


At 07:53 PM 1/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 1/4/2001 5:57:18 PM, email @ redacted> writes:
> >The regular Coke at a high school football game (before diagnosis) put
> >me in critical condition for 48 hours...
>48 hours an no BG tests???????
>A test would have turned up a problem in 2 hrs!
>Susan M.
>email @ redacted

BEING SARCASTIC...... That 2 hours would have been great.  The wait for a 
BG meter would have killed me.  The first meters weren't available to 
Doctors for another 5 years and to those with diabetes (generally) for 
another 15 years..... (my 48 hour critical condition was in 1965)

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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