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Re: [IP] pump selection questions

> I am new to this group and if this kind of discussion can be found
> somewhere else (or in the archives), I apologize.  Actually, I had a
> little difficulty navigating the back emails of this list.  If it is
> searchable, I would be grateful for directions.  

SEARCHABLE, just click SEARCH at the bottom of most Insulin Pumpers 
web pages or use the SEARCH button on the main web page.


pay attention to the selection criteria for what you want to search. 
The archives are automatically restricted to the last 2 months unless 
you specificy otherwise. All the main diabetes sites in the world are 
indexed on a 4-6 week rotation so you can search any of them as well 
(or all of them at once).

> She made the decision analogy of choosing a car, "One kind is
> not better than the other, just pick the one that you like best." 
> Now, I can look at specs and features of the various models, but
> unlike a car, I can't take them on a test drive to see which I
> prefer before buying.

As a matter of fact you can. Just ask you local friendly rep or 
doctor for a loaner.

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