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Re: [IP] Re: Cure

Dear Barbbie,

Thanks for the challenge. However,
I have never doubted that a great deal of work is being done to find
various cures, including vaccines. My
concern is that after all these years there is no cure. Could it be
that despite of, and unbeknownst to the individual bench chemists'
sincere efforts, that insufficient funding or insufficient coordination
of efforts is inhibiting the cure ?

I too am thankful for the improvements we have today that we
did not have 32 years ago.

Thanks for the challenge,


email @ redacted wrote:
> In a message dated 1/1/01 11:06:14 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> << Does anyone wonder why... I wonder why I think they'd be crazy to find a
>  cure for cancer or diabetes or Aids.
> Somebody challenge me, >>
> If pharmaceutical companies really wanted to make money wouldn't they do away
> with all of their vaccine divisions and make people continue to pay for drugs
> and treatments rather than be cured or never get it at all.  Did you know
> that there are human trials now beginning using a vaccine to treat
> Alzheimers.  Why should they bother when more money could be made with the
> old treatments, right?  Do you have any idea the costs involved to bring a
> drug to market and how many failures it takes.   Due to recent
> advancements/breakthroughs in research there has been a higher success rate
> the last few years leading to a higher profit margin which allows more
> dollars to be spent on more research which I am all for.  (I work in Research
> and I know where the money is going)  You have to pay top dollar to attract
> top talent and in my opinion they can't spent enough on it.  I know my life
> has been saved many times over by new discoveries and medical treatments and
> I thank God for all the advancements in diabetes over the last 30 years and
> even though we are not yet cured, quality of life has never been better.  For
> the first time in my life I actually believe we will see a cure in the next
> 10 years.  There will be no stopping it!
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