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[IP] pump selection questions

Disclaimer: I'm new at this pumping business (less than two months).
But I have all the zeal of a new convert.

Richard Seyler wrote:
> It seems like
>an extended bolus feature (lacking on the H-TRON, no?) would be quite
>useful.  What do those with experience think?

It depends on whether you eat a lot of high-fat meals, or other meals
that are likely to take a while to digest. If you're used to using Humalog
to cover meals, it's really the same with boluses as with injections. The
advantage to pumping in general is that if you're eating a dinner with
several courses, it's easy to bolus separately for each course. (I'm going
out to dinner tonight, and that's what I'm planning to do.) This works
fine as long as I keep the fat content down -- which I ought to be doing 
anyway, right?  ;)  But YMMV, of course.

As some have suggested, with the H-Tron plus you can do a temporary
basal rate increase, which acts the same as an extended bolus. The problem
is that you have to remember to turn the increase off, because the automatic 
shut-off time for a temporary basal rate increase is factory-set for 12 hours 
(at least mine was); that's way too long for an extended bolus. That factory 
setting can be changed; I just haven't found out how yet. It may mean 
sending the pump in -- I don't know.

I've never used a Minimed or Animas, so I can't really comment on them. 
(I must say from what I've read that the Animas pump seems to combine 
some of the best features of the Minimed and Disetronic pumps. I have
a policy of never buying version 1.0 of anything, though.) The lack of an 
extended bolus feature is one of my few complaints about H-Tron; 
otherwise, I like it a lot. I even like the way it looks -- but then, I'm a 
long-time science fiction fan and enjoy the Buck Rogers styling.

/Janet Lafler (and twin pumps Castor & Pollux)

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