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[IP] Sherry's big baby worries

I was not on the pump when I had my son over 3 yrs ago and he was 8 lbs, 3 oz.
My sugars were very well controlled during pregnancy.  Recently, I changed
OBs.  My new OB educated me about exactly why diabetics babies are bigger.  It
is from the mother's high sugars.  The baby creates it's own insulin from the
beginning.  When the mother's sugars get too high, the baby has to produce
more of it's own insulin (which in babies acts as a growth hormone) so it gets
bigger.  So the better controlled your sugars are, the more likely you are to
have a normal sized baby.  The size of the baby has nothing to do with how
much insulin you receive.  You need to take the best amount to keep you
regulated.  No matter what the amount, it will not affect the baby.  I will be
starting on a pump within the next 6 wks and hope to get pregnant with my 2nd
child in the near future.  Good luck.  Motherhood is truly a blessing.  Enjoy
every moment.  They grow too quickly.
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