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Re: [IP] pump selection questions

Hi and Welcome.
I tend to agree with your RN.  All of the pumps out there will help you get
better control.  My choice in pumps was based on what options I liked/needed
and the customer support I felt I could expect.  I ended up with a MM507.

As for a 'rugged' pump, I have no complaints.  I work the overnight shift in
a hotel bakery.  So far my 507 has endured heat, flour, and getting banged
by the occasional sheet pan.  I spent 2 months hiking through Europe (Swiss
Alps) last summer and had no problems with the pump.

I am sure that there are just as many good reasons for any of the other
pumps out there, but regardless of the pump, pumping has given me my life
back.  So I suggest you do your research, see if the pump companies can give
you some local users of their product so you can give them a call.  Must
pumpers tend to be very willing to 'show off' this great technology.
Good luck,
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