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[IP] re: pump selection questions

 BEST Advice--Try each pump for the same length of
time. Sometimes they try to discourage you from doing
so, but you are able to if you're persistent and
contact the individual companies. 
 I used the MiniMed 507c for 18 months and liked the
back light. I imagine dual wave and square wave are
nice, and even as someone who eats fattening food,
they never came into play with me even though
originally I thought I should base my decision on
that. Originally, I also liked its appearance better,
but now even as a raging teenager realize that for
something like a pump for me appearance will never
again be a deciding factor.
 I've been using the Disetronic HTronPlus for the past
3 months, and love this one. I do believe that there
is a  "right" pump for each individual, and clearly
this pump may be a different brand for you than me,
based on your individual needs. 
 I like the HTron Plus's sturdiness, it's one heavy
piece of plastic. My MM507c got scratched and bumped
around and showed it, but my Htron plus, which I think
I've been "harder" on has yet to get scratched or
banged up. Also, for me, now it's important b/c there
is no opening door on the Disetronic..but that's a
personal feature, it didn't bother me when I started
pumping but I learned quickly at my age and my life, I
need one sturdy piece. Also, peace of mind, I realized
having a backup pump is not "stupid" like I thought b4
I got on any pump, but for me was necessary for peace
of mind after several incidents on the MM.            
  Waterproofness was never an issue which was one
reason I originally didn't go with D b/c I wasn't
going to use it,but I have found my pump gets splashed
at times and I don't realize. Some people here at IP
dislike speedy boluses, but for me I much prefer
getting 1 unit in 5secs than in 35 secs just b/cof how
i bolus compared to when I eat... It is TOTALLY YMMV
(Your Mileage May (WILL) Vary)
 It's totally personal. Most people love the pump they
have. I sort of wish I was able to try the Animas just
so I could have a comparison for that, but maybe in 4
years. You have to find the features right for you,
whether they be Disetronic, Animas, or MiniMed,
everyone has different priorities, and no one's are
-Graduating in less than 25 weeks!:-))-

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