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Re: [IP] pump selection questions

               Any pump you choose will do a good job in helping control your 
BS and give you all the health benefits that comes with that control. I have 
only been pumping for 3 months now and can only comment on the MiniMed 508. I 
like the control and the features that come with the 508 the bolus options 
and the remote. I noticed you mentioned you would like a rugged pump that is 
where you need to be careful when it come to the 508. I have had only one 
problem with my 508 the door to the reservoir compartment has came open on me 
several times on two different pumps. Look closely at the reservoir door on 
this pump I think that MM could have done much better in making this door 
more secure and tougher, other tan that it is great. I have heard that the 
Animas pump has combined some of the best features form MM and Dis in to 
there pump. But I'm not sure how the res door look. GOOD LUCK

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