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[IP] pump selection questions

I am new to this group and if this kind of discussion can be found
somewhere else (or in the archives), I apologize.  Actually, I had a
little difficulty navigating the back emails of this list.  If it is
searchable, I would be grateful for directions.  

I am in the process of choosing my first pump.  My endo's nurse gave me a
bunch of literature from the various companies and told me to look them
over and pick one (if I decided I wanted to try it at all).  She made the
decision analogy of choosing a car, "One kind is not better than the
other, just pick the one that you like best."  Now, I can look at specs
and features of the various models, but unlike a car, I can't take them on
a test drive to see which I prefer before buying.

So, I am interested in hearing opinions from users of various models about
qualities that they like and/or dislike about the model they have.  In
particular I would like observations from folks who have swithced from one
brand or model to a different one, and can directly compare them. I am
looking, not so much for a comparison of features, but for a comparison of
the utility of those features.  For example, one of the few such
comparisons that I have found on the web
<http://home.twcny.rr.com/bobscorner/Comparison.htm> describes practicle
differences in the delivery systems of MiniMed pumps vs the Disetronic
models and their implications when using small basal rates.  The reviewer
also opines on whether features like backlighted displays are really

I know that opinons like I request will vary, as we all have different
needs and preferences, but I would like to consider as many points of view
as I can before I decide what is right for me.  Also, I would like to hear
from anyone not affiliated with the company who has tried an Animas pump.

Personally, I am interested in a rugged pump (Is the H-TRONplus V100
measurablely tougher than others?  How about the R-1000?).  It seems like
an extended bolus feature (lacking on the H-TRON, no?) would be quite
useful.  What do those with experience think?

Thanks, for any and all suggestions!

--Richard Seyler
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