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Re: [IP] Re-directed Fundraiser (was: Living with Diabetes Psyc

The man wanted a rep with the appropriate identification to come pick up about

I could have done it myself if not for the 'paper' everyone wants you to have
to have the right to coolect donations.  People are so much "on the take" and
scams abound out here.

I told him about the IP list but he wanted it to just go to all diabetics as
his family has a lot of type two I don't know if they were all that familier
with pumps.

He is now, I have six months to prepare to be getting the legalities to become
a collector and if Mike has any advice on how to become a legitimate funds
collector, I can do this.

Yes, it bummed me out that he couldn't be bothered to SEND it.
Jenny Sutherland
  >  No, I am not against donating to AIDS or any other
  > cause...it just burns me up the idea that people would, by the end
  > result, be misled.  I'd find it disturbing if someone on here worked
  > to raise money to support this site, only to redirect it because
  > Michael didn't e-mail them back about it.  If you claim you're going
  > to do it, follow through with it, for those who have given in good
  > faith!  Since no one came to pick up this money, could he have not
  > SENT it?
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