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[IP] Re: financial support

Ok, I just have to chime in here.  I believe in the past Michael
has given the number of $10 per year as a suggested donation. IF all
IP members gave that much Michael would not have to sweat paying the
bills.  I know some folks can give more, and some are not able to
give at all.  The rule of thumb should be give whatever & whenever
you can.

I personally do not think anyone is mooching here and should NOT
feel bad if they can not give at this time.  For the rest of you
folks sitting comfortably, shake the loose $$ out of your pockets
and send it in.  Let's start the new year on a good note and make
sure we get the financial support rolling.  It doesn't have to be a
ton of money, just whatever you are comfortable with giving.

My 2 cents worth,

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