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Hi Roselea, Thank you for helping me feel a little better about getting the 
pump. Dont get me wrong, what I would give to have my #s be in the norm for 
once.I have noticed when Im in range though, I feel REALLY bad. I wonder why 
that is. If you have any ideas please let me know. I live in the sticks way 
way up in northern California, You know the backwoods doctor kind of thing. I 
think thats why it took me so long to get the pump. I think alot of the 
reason Im scared is do to the fact that most of the docs Ive dealt with have 
been clueless about diabetes. So it makes it that much harder to trust 
anything they have to say. I have learned about diabetes on my own Ive went 
to classes out of the area just to learn more. I think I know more about 
diabetes then the doctors up here do LOL. Pretty sad isnt it? Well Ill quit 
with my sob story & thanks again                                 Krysta 
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