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Re: [IP] Re: Big Babies and Guilt (been there!)

About Shelly's doctor and dietitian from hell!

I'm SO sorry you had to go through that, Shelly!  :(  :(  :(

Gestational diabetes may be a sign that you have the genetics for Type 2
diabetes (but not a guarantee that you're going to get it), OR that
you're in the early stages of developing Type 1 (you apparently weren't
-- whew!) and the reason for treating it is to help you have a healthy

None of which should imply ANY fault on your part at all. 

Plus all you pregnant diabetics out there should remember that wacky BGs
are only a risk for congenital malformation or macrosomia, NOT a
guarantee, and a few highs or lows MOST LIKELY will not harm your babies
at all. It's the women who are high for prolonged periods during the
pregnancy who are FAR more likely to deliver babies with birth defects
or stillborns, and even THEN, it's far from a sure thing! 

Pregnancy is a gamble for EVERYONE -- mothers in PERFECT health who do
all the right things still sometimes have babies with problems -- and
IF, as a diabetic mother, something goes amiss, it's STILL most
certainly NOT your fault! Feces occur, ya know! 

Life is life, and enough things happen that ARE my fault that I don't
want to take on anything that isn't!
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