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[IP] Bubble Gum and electronic toys

On Wed, 3 Jan "Michael" <email @ redacted> (our fearless leader) wrote:

>I guess the gum worked
>It appears that our service has been restored.

It is amazing to me that the pumps work 24/7 without any additional bubble 
gum.  We go day to day with this box attached, assuming that it will continue 
to work and provide us the proper amounts of medication and warn us if there 
are any problems.  Even those of us who have had static sting have to realize 
that the pumps generally are excellent peices of equiptment and work 
extraordinary well.

How many machines do we have that work this well without being touched up (add 
gas or oil or something else, change spark plugs) and provide life-saving help 

After my first few years as a pumper I look at the current round of machines 
as truly amazing and only wish the FDA was nicer to us (so all the innovations 
that are in the works everywhere could get to us sooner).

who is waiting to hear if he was approved to get a diasensor 2000 for FDA 
(Fundamentally Demented Authority) testing
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