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[IP] Re: drinking real pop not deadly

In a message dated 1/4/01 11:58:57 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Curtis,
> You are correct, drinking real pop is no more deadly than consuming other
> high glucose foods... the deadly part is in not knowing it's regular pop and
> thinking it's diet because that's what you ordered and that's what you
> thought you got.  Now, if I knew I was getting regular pop and bolused
> properly for it, then it would have no deadly consequences at all.
> RoseLea

It may not be deadly but real pop is one thing my endo has told me that 
bolusing for can't catch up with.  It hits your blood stream too quickly.  
Any more than 4 oz of it and your bs is going to go up.
Anything else in the world is ok to eat or drink.
I have the same trouble with juice too.

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