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Re: [IP] Drinking regular pop not deadly


At 09:40 AM 1/4/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Rosalea wrote:
>".....the deadly part is in not knowing it's regular pop and
>thinking it's diet because that's what you ordered and that's what you
>thought you got.  "
>Explain to me how this would be deadly.  Yes, the BGs would be very high.
>Yes, there would be contributions to future complications.  But there would
>not be Ketones.  There would not be danger.

You are making the assumption that there would not be Ketones....hi BGs 
themselves (how long?) can cause Ketones and dehydration....

>Again, as long as there is enough insulin for normal metabolic activity
>there will not be any danger.  High blood sugars, yes, but no danger.

And what if there isn't enough insulin for normal metabolic activity...  (I 
had a pump problem -  occlusion didn't work and was physically empty in a 
non-transparent pump)  The timing was such that I wasn't aware of a problem 
until the DKA vomiting started....

The regular Coke at a high school football game (before diagnosis) put me 
in critical condition for 48 hours...

>The reason I am pointing this out is because "WE" tend to be very concerned
>with our or our children's care and do monumental things to maintain
>health.  Part of this is to convince outsiders that it is REALLY important
>to listen to us.  This opens the door to exaggerating to get their

And at what point do you let go and trust your kids to do it themselves? 
Even with diabetes, sometimes kids will do things that will put them at 
risk and there will be nothing that you can do to control it.... (like not 
taking insulin...)

>This does us a dis-service.  The one thing that I would want someone to
>give my kid if they were low and they had nothing else would be a REAL
>The real fact is that, at the right time, not drinking that real coke will
>kill them.  Don't confuse the outsiders.  We can't afford for them to think
>that sugar will kill a diabetic, because that thought will.

Depending on the situation, having and not having regular coke may kill....

And undermedication is common enough that there is a psychiatric diagnosis 
of "diabetic bulemia"....

>If you were out hiking along a trail and came upon a nearly unconscious
>person with a D bracelet on.  What would you do?

If you didn't have your kids supplies with you because you were alone, what 
would you do?

Yes it's more likely that they were low......and if they were in DKA?...... 
what would a regular coke do....

>Curtis Lomax

Jim S.
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