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Re: [IP] Re-directed Fundraiser (was: Living with Diabetes Psyc

> > He has the given the money to someone else for AIDS.
> >
>  No, I am not against donating to AIDS or any other
> cause...it just burns me up the idea that people would, by the end
> result, be misled.  I'd find it disturbing if someone on here worked
> to raise money to support this site, only to redirect it because
> Michael didn't e-mail them back about it.  If you claim you're going
> to do it, follow through with it, for those who have given in good
> faith!  Since no one came to pick up this money, could he have not
> SENT it?
> Sorry for ranting (didn't mean to shoot the messenger<g>)...this
> just really set me off!  Time to go check BS & get ready for
> school...

This example above is about some other organization. I assure you IP 
would have picked up any offered. It's very skinny around here :-)
email @ redacted
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