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Re: [IP] Lancet Changes

> Egads, I have really goofed.  I forgot to change my lancet Monday. 
> Do I have to wait until July 1 to change it?  Been trying to get on
> the same schedule with most other pumpers and have used the current
> one since September.  Is nine months too long?  I sure hope I don't
> forget the next time.
Gee, ya had to ask. Well here's the geek answer.

The lancets are lubricated with a (silicon, I think) grease film that 
wears off in something like 5 - 10 uses. Up to that point the little 
knife edge will stay REALLY sharp. .... when the lubricant wears off, 
the knife actually begins to dull slightly after every plunge into 
your finger so over time it gets duller and duller,..... get the 
picture??? Since the thing is so small, it will definetly poke a 
hole (poke, not cut) even when very old. However, a new, sharp, well 
lubricated lancet will CUT a nice clean inscision that will be less 
painful and will heal more quickly. Now I realize that my arguments 
fall on deaf ears, but..... I did buy my daughter a second box of 
lancets a year or two ago, the second in 6 years :-) She doesn't 
change them either :-(

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