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Re: [IP] Re: Krysta and her 508

> Krysta wrote:
> <<Hi this is Krysta <KrystaandSierra @aol.com> I just want to know
> more about the 508 I havent started using it yet and I must admit Im
> scared. I read alot of your letters and hear how painful it is. Some
> of you say it doesnt even work.Please write back and let me know the
> ++++ to doing this. thanks Krysta>>
> Krysta,

Hi Krysta,

You have to keep things in perspective. Most of what you read on the 
list is problems people are having and the solutions of those who 
have been there and done that. There are almost 3000 participants in 
this forum. For the vast majority of these folks, pumping is an every 
day good thing. A small minority are new, learning, or have run into 
a "usual" or perhaps unusual problem for which they seek some 
information from the collective wisdom. You are reading the material 
from those vocal few --- the happy campers rarely say much.

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