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[IP] Re: Big Babies and Guilt (been there!)

Hi Sherry:  I am not a type 1 diabetic but I had gestational diabetes with our
son (who incidentally) has type 1 now.  Anyway, I was diagnosed with Gest. at
32 weeks. This was 6 years ago.

The doctor I had at the time was quite old. He had strange thoughts and ideas
but he had delivered hundreds of babies (even my friend who was 38 now) so
anyway I go in for a regular routine and they found high bg.  This guy turned
on me like a madman!  I was all alone as this was the one time my hubby
couldn't make the appointment. He started lecturing me on "big babies" "still
birth" etc etc.  I was holding back tears of shame as he made me feel like I
had done something wrong to bring this on. He told me I was "poisoning" this
baby in some way...He told me I would have to see a dietician and have the 3
hour glucose test done etc.  By this time I am so sick inside I can barely
drive the 1/2 hour home.  I had the test done and sure enough I was GD, then
to top all this off I am assigned o the dietician from hell.  She berates me
and belittles me on care and being strict with diet etc. I am so scared to
screw up at this time that I follow the diet etc EXACTLY! I think my numbers
were a little high, but more of a medium really looking back.  I was to call
her every couple days and read her my numbers and she would be so upset with
me that they were not good enough.  My husband ended up calling her and
telling her to lay off.

Due to this I ended up getting some poor advice which was to starve myself to
keep the bg numbers down.  For example for supper I would eat all protein and
maybe 1/2 a starch. My numbers were perfect of course but I was starving all
the time. My doctor would check my tummy and make "funny" comments to us about
the "elephant-size" baby I was having etc.  At 4 weeks left to deliver he said
the baby was at least 8lbs at that point and to be prepared for a BIG one!

Bretton Ronald Van Tyler  was born 2 weeks early on Valentine's Day weighing
in at 6lbs 2oz, 17" long!!!  A peanut in my opinion!! :-)

So there you go...
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