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[IP] Re: Krysta and her 508

Krysta wrote:

<<Hi this is Krysta <KrystaandSierra @aol.com> I just want to know more
the 508 I havent started using it yet and I must admit Im scared. I read
of your letters and hear how painful it is. Some of you say it doesnt even
work.Please write back and let me know the ++++ to doing this. thanks


Everyone is different and we all react differently to things.  I'm a
long-term insulin-dependent diabetic and for me, pumping is the best thing
I've ever done.  To me, it is not painful.  I use Tenders (aka Sils,
Comforts) without any ice or numbing cream.  And, when I'm wearing the pump
I don't feel anything, not the set, not the pump.   In fact, sometimes I
scare myself thinking I forgot to put it back on after a shower and I
frantically check for it to make sure it's there at my waist.   And for me,
pumping works wonderfully.  I no longer ride the rollercoaster of MDI (30 to
300 and back again in a matter of minutes).  My bgs are very stable, rarely
any highs and occasionally a low, but nothing like I had before.

Pumping takes work, it takes time to learn, and it takes practice.  It
doesn't happen overnight.  I've been pumping for 7 1/2 months now and for me
it's magic.  The freedom and flexibility is the best part.  Being able to
eat whatever you want, whenever you want to eat it is priceless.  Good luck,
just be persistant and patient and I'm sure you'll find pumping is

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