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[IP] Ok what do YOU think...

We have had good numbers over the last couple days, at least consistent for 2
of them (that is a whole other tale of woe this past week) but anyway, our 4
year old was doing fine yesterday.  In fact we had a late supper, around 8pm,
he had scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of toast and some fries (a kid's meal on the
menu??) anyway, I bolused and checked him 2 hours later, perfect.  I checked 2
hours after that..perfect (midnight.) I was up around 3 so checked his bg just
to see and it was 396!  I checked his tubing, site, ran a prime to see if it
was delivering and all seemed fine.  I bolused a correction and checked at
5:30am and he was STILL as high!  This time I used a pen (syringe) and set-up
the EMLA for a change at 6:30am, figuring to be safe. At this point I am
thinking there must be a major kink in the cannula or something??? Well got up
an hour later and he was STILL as high! Checked...knowing full welll they
would be there--and yes, large ketones. I changed the set quickly and gave him
a huge glass of water and breakfast so I could get a good bolus in him and 2
hours later, no ketones, but STILL high!  Doesn't seem sick at all, and I
would hope I did a good job changing everything out.  GLad there are no
ketones, but MAN that number will not change! So....what do YOU think????

Thanks, Shelly
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