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[IP] Re: Big Babies and Guilt thread

I hope that this thread didn't make you feel too bad.  And I know what you mean
about guilt. Before I knew I was pregnant, I was just adjusting to my new pump and
had some bad numbers. And I was worried about every aspirin I had taken and every
bad bg. My oh-so-charming endo made comments about how sometimes a miscarriage is
for the best and I must not let it make me feel bad.  In fact, he said a similar
thing yesterday and I am almost five months now!  Sometimes I feel like I am
expected to fail at this, no matter how hard I try.  Some days I have a strange
number I can't explain.  Even though I bolus for it and try to adjust my basals
carefully, I do have a few unexplained highs and lows.  I'm trying to give myself
permission to not be perfect.  I'm doing my very best by using what tools I have
and testing often. I guess that's the thing about guilt--only the people who really
care and are honestly trying seem to feel it.
And I do appreciate all of the helpful replies to my question about why my baby
could possibly be large. I didn't understand that it was the baby's insulin, not
mine, effecting growth. That makes sense now.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Growling in frustration as her overnight basal changes yet again
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