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[IP] Re-directed Fundraiser (was: Living with Diabetes Psychologically)

> Part of it is the charities themselves. A local guy who owns NaTaLe's
> did a night of Blues and an auction to raise a bit of money for diabetes,
> could any of the big shots or reps from the ADA or anyone be BOTHERED to
> get the cash?
> NO.
> He has the given the money to someone else for AIDS.

Okay, this I have a problem with.  If I were someone who had gone to that
fundraising event & contributed (hopefully I wouldn't be there as simply a
tourist), I would be mighty angry to find that the money I THOUGHT was going
toward diabetes had actually been sent in a different direction, due to the
organizer's unhappiness with the big shots or reps.  That sounds to me like
some form of false advertising, & his shift (& apparent lack of ethics
regarding living up to his word - as in, where the money raised would end
up) may have cost him (& deserving charities) future donations based on lack
of credibility.  No, I am not against donating to AIDS or any other
cause...it just burns me up the idea that people would, by the end result,
be misled.  I'd find it disturbing if someone on here worked to raise money
to support this site, only to redirect it because Michael didn't e-mail them
back about it.  If you claim you're going to do it, follow through with it,
for those who have given in good faith!  Since no one came to pick up this
money, could he have not SENT it?

Sorry for ranting (didn't mean to shoot the messenger<g>)...this just really
set me off!  Time to go check BS & get ready for school...

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