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[IP] What's it like? (was insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #756)

On 4 Jan 2001, at 2:33, email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi this is Krysta <KrystaandSierra @aol.com> I just want to know more about 
> the 508 I havent started using it yet and I must admit Im scared. I read alot 
> of your letters and hear how painful it is. Some of you say it doesnt even 
> work.Please write back and let me know the ++++ to doing this. thanks Krysta

I don't find it painful.  

At first, my body rebelled a bit, but after using each site area once 
or twice, it seemed to suddenly decide to accept the whole thing, 
and stopped its rebellion.

I use the Micro QRs with a SofSerter.  It happens fast and I feel the 
*bump* of the adhesive wings far more than the needle.  At first, it 
actually made me nervous cuz I thought it must have broken or 
something.  :-)

If I choose a bad site, it'll ache badly.  But that's only happened 
once or twice so far.  It's a little difficult for me to find a good site 
because I have so little body fat.  (Although I've gained weight since 
starting the pump so I think it's getting easier now because of that). 

A really bad site for me is when I get it too close to my belt and 
there's more pressure on it.  I now stay as far away from my belt 
as my little pad of fat will permit.  :-)

Outer thighs is the absolute best for me.  !Again, staying within 
that fat pad area!!

I also find that pinching up a bit somehow helps too.  Maybe it 
helps cuz I can only pinch up where there's enough fat to pinch and 
so it helps me locate the best areas.

Keep in mind that skinny little kids use pumps too and don't have 
pain.  So it's very much a YMMV kind of thing.

Once in awhile I'll get little twinges and stings that are short-term.  
Who knows why they happen.  They come they go.  It's usually no 
worse than an itch.  

I've been fortunate that I appear to have no allergy to any of the 
"ingredients" in this set up.

I'd recommend going into it with confidence that *most* people 
don't feel much pain at all, if any, and it's generally only for a little 
while if there is any.  And in many cases, sometimes a change in 
set type is all that's needed.
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