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Re: [IP] greedy drug companies

On 3 Jan 2001, at 23:15, email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 1/2/01 5:06:09 PM, email @ redacted writes:
> <<  There is DEFINITELY a cure for
> heart disease, it is almost free, but no one wants to use it. Go figure. >>
> email @ redacted writes:
> >Yes?
> My guess is that he was talking about the "lifestyle cure" -- exercise,
> healthy diet, quit smoking, etc.  Personally, I think this so-called
> "cure" is just a conspiracy perpetrated by greedy truck farmers trying 
> to sell more fresh veggies!
> /Janet Lafler
> P.S. Or maybe he was talking about an aspirin a day?

If that's the cure he's talking about, well... my dad did all that 
religiously for 25 years (even did Pritikin strictly for 7 years--until 
his 2nd bypass surgery)....  but since his heart attack at age 47, 
he's had 3 bypass surgeries (total of 9 bypasses, 3 replaced twice, 
2 replaced once), contracted hepatitis C at the 2nd one because 
the doc wasn't good at doing 2nd time bypasses and thus messed 
things up badly and dad had to get many units of transfusion, had 
a stroke last year.....

No, they have NOT found a cure yet.

And I inherited his body.  Fortunately, going on insulin has 
somehow brought my blood pressure, LDL and triglycerides down, 
and HDL up.  Or is it getting my blood sugar in control that's done 
that?  Or is it my tendency to stay well below 100 carbs a day?  
Was it gaining 10 lbs? or was it attempting to increase my 
physical activity? 

I don't know which, but something's helping.  Or at least, according 
to the tests we currently use to identify heart disease, something's 
making those tests better.
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