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Re: [IP] Re: trading pumps

At 01:34 AM 1/4/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>   This is an interesting thought...about trading in older pumps.  The sales
>gal where I got my newer Jepp this past month is on an old 506 pump and
>really wants to get a newer one, preferably one that is waterproof (she keeps
>dropping it in the tub!!)  Anyway, her insurance requires a note of need , or
>something like that, from her Endo and he won't do it..

Her insurance company should upgrade any pump that is out of warranty 
without much question.  I spoke with MiniMed recently about upgrading my 
pump, and while it's not time yet--one more year--it didn't seem like the 
upgrade would be a problem.  They would take care of it all.   The problem 
is that I don't think your friend's insurance can upgrade a MiniMed (not 
waterproof) with a Disetronic (waterproof); this would be more like a new 
purchase than an upgrade.

What kinds of trouble has she encountered by dropping it in the tub?  Any 
pump failures or blood sugar excurions?  If so, then she should make it 
very plain to the endo that her current pump is not working.  If the endo 
doesn't comply (write the necessary letter of need), then she should find a 
new one.

Another tactic would be to try being more careful with the pump around the 
tub.  MiniMed's ARE water resistant.  ;->

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