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Re: [IP] greedy drug companies

in my opion there  has to be  something   done  withthe  high cost of meds in 
this  country i  have  serval diferent  diseases and  i am on  25  different  
meds i have  no insurance  because they   place i was  working  for  closed  
down therefore i had to  take a lower  paying   job  and lost my insurance 
now  iam  unable to  work and my meds   cost me  4  times the  amount i get  
from disabilty and the  state  says ihae  to  spend  half  of  what  i  get   
for meds  before they  will help me  so  where is the  justice in  that  when 
 i worked  for  18 years and  paid in taxes  louann
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