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RE: [IP] Science Fair Project

Yes, definatly, I would love to get your BG'S-thank you for replying so

Yes, of course I know Anita, however I started going to Dr. D. Metzger in
Vancouver Children's Hospital for my clinics so I haven't been to one of
the bbqs forever. I always seenm to be busy!

Thanks so much,


p.s. where are you located now?

>From: "Heather Kyllo" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: <email @ redacted> >Subject: RE: [IP]
Science Fair Project >Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 20:49:11 -0800 > >Danielle, >
>I am the parent of two diabetic children: Chad 7 (dx 2/96) & Alyssa 9
(dx >5/98) started pumping 7/21/00 > >Would you like my input? > >Heather
> >P.S. We live for 6 months on Vancouver Island and attended a few
clinic >appts at the Victoria Hospital. We also attended the fun night at
the Canoe >Club that Anita & other staff from the hospital hosted.
Perhaps we met? > >-----Original Message----- >From:
email @ redacted [mailto:email @ redacted]On Behalf Of
>Danielle Tate-Stratton >Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2001 8:33 PM >To:
email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] Science Fair Project > >Hi-I just
joined about 24 hours ago on the recommendation of Michael from >Insulin
Pumpers.org. I am currently working on a science fair project for >school
and I would love it if you could help me with it-the following is >the
email I have been sending out to other people. > >Thank You! Danielle > >
> >Hi, > >My name is Danielle Tate-Stratton and I have been a Type One
diabetic for >nearly 8 years. I was diagnosed on St. Patricks Day, 1993
when I was 6. I >am now 13. > >As part of the science curriculum at my
school it is required that each >student in grade nine compete a science
fair project. As I just went on >the pump (Mini-med 508) and have
previously been on 2, 3, and 4 shot >regimines it made sense for me to do
a project comparing different >treatment options for diabetes. >
>Basically, I would like to compare Insulin Pump Therapy (CSII) to
>Multiple Daily Injections (MDI). To do this I need Blood Glucose (BG)
>numbers from as many people as possible between the ages of 0-18. > >If
you do not wish to participate in this study that is fine, but I would
>appreciate it if you would just write 'not interested' in the subject
>line and reply to me. > >If you are interested in helping me out, Thank
You sooo much. Here is >whatI need you to do: > >1. In the subject line
of this email please put either 'pump' or >'shots'.This will just help in
cataloging the responses. > >2. Write in 25 test results (must be
consecutive) with the approximate >time the blood tests were taken. For
instance, one day for me would look >like: > >6:45am; 5.2 mmol/L >
>12:30pm; 6.3 mmol/L > >5:30pm; 8.3 mmol/L > >10:15pm; 8.5 mmol/L >
>(don't worry if you use the USA measurements is in mg/dl, I can convert
>them...) > >You would just continue with that for the appropriate number
of days >until you have reached 25 blood glucose readings. > >3. Latest
HbAIc, if available. (If you have switched regimines between >your last
HbAIc and now - (MDI-CSII)etc, please don't include your HbAic >as it
will skew the resuts. Also please make sure the BG samples are from >the
same regimen.) > >4. Finally in a separate email please include a note of
permission from >your parents to participate in this study. All data
collected will be >completely confidential. No participant names or other
identifying >information will be used in my project. > >I, 'PARENT NAME'
hereby allow 'CHILD'S NAME' to be a part of this > >completely
confidential Science Fair project. > >5. Thank You so much for replying
to this and helping me to study this >very interesting topic. If you
would like to become penpals you can >contact me at - email @ redacted
> >For anyone who may be interested, I will post the final results on a >
>website. Please be patient, though - the science fair is not until next
>March. > >Thank You so much, Danielle Tate - Stratton >
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