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[IP] Re:big babies

  I understand your guilt, but please understand it wasn't your fault. I'm 
29, & my kids are 6 & almost 3, so I had all the monitoring & the high risk 
clinic & was in good control. Unfortunately, my son's (the 6 year old) labor 
& delivery was horrible. I was hospitalized at 34 weeks with pancreatitis, 
then induced at 35 weeks due to my blood pressure. After 25 hours of labor (5 
pushing) they finally did an emergency c-section, during which I went into 
adult respiratory distress (quit breathing) & had to be intibated. And all 
this happened after a great pregnancy. My BGs were great & I felt great until 
right at the end. My little boy weighed in at 4 lb., 15 1/2 oz. He now has 
cerebral palsy, but he is beautiful and doing wonderful in kindergarten. 
Thank God it didn't affect him cognitively!!  My daughter on the other hand 
gave me trouble the whole pregnancy, and I was hospitalized a few times with 
her. (And NO I'm not a knot head who didn't take care of herself.) Her labor 
was induced at 34 weeks (blood pressure again) and was a little shy of 24 
hours and I delivered her VBAC (vaginal birth after ceasaerian). She weighed 
in at 4 lbs, 9 oz. She is a typical 2 year old with no problems. I do know 
that none of my son's problems were my fault although I did go through the 
guilt too. Now I just marvel at both of my babies' everyday miracles. Any 
time a child is born, there is the chance of something going wrong, diabetic 
mom or not. And by the way, I have a friend who was a "knothead" & didn't 
take care of herself & had a perfectly healthy baby (7lbs, 6 oz). Go figure. 
She just got really lucky. I hope I didn't scare anyone thinking about having 
a baby, but I would do it all over again if I had too. The end result is so 
worth it!
Blessings to all
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