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Re: [IP] Living with Diabetes Psychologically

<<Natalie, I think you're right that a lot of what we do to take care of 
ourselves is invisible. So much of it happens inside our heads. And our 
society is so intolerant of anything that could be considered "weakness" or 
"dependence" that we're under constant pressure to hide our condition.>>

Actually, I think our society tends to encourage people to be open about 
their weaknesses (sometimes to a nauseating degree--witness talk television <g
>), and actually applauds the "weak" who are working to try and overcome 
their difficulties.
However, people are also quickly bored when it isn't something they have to 
deal with personally in some way--whether they are diabetic themselves or 
know someone who is.  I think the pressure to hide our condition (speaking 
personally) comes from not wanting to make others uncomfortable around us.   
I've gotten to the point where I really don't care if someone is 
uncomfortable......if I need to test, I test.  If I need to do a bolus, I 
do...and I answer any questions people may ask of me if they notice.   
Diabetes is hard enough to manage without feeling that you have to find a 
bathroom somewhere every time you need to do these things.


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