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Re: [IP] Re: Big Babies

Hey, Jan,

I think it is time to take a bG.  Whoever it was who categorized the people 
who can't contribute as moochers was out of line and completely out of sync 
with the people who run this site.  Rest assured it was not 
Michael.  Michael welcomes everyone who can contribute (in knowledge, not 
in money) to the site, or even just lurk.  He's an extraordinarily 
charitable soul who wants to help us help each other.  He needs to ask for 
money much more often than he's comfortable with, but then he has a wife 
and 5 kids to support and can't finance the IP site on his own.

As for the knothead comment, it was aimed at those who have access to the 
tools for good control but don't use them.  When you were pregnant those 
tools were not even dreamed of.  You did the best you could with the tools 
you had available, probably better than most were doing at the time, if 
I've learned anything about you at all.

Now, what is your bG?


At 10:00 PM 1/3/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I guess I'd better take a BG - I'm getting offended.
>It's BG time - had to vent. I think *we* are categorizing too many as moochers
>and knotheads here. Maybe we need to know each individual circumstance before
>each flame. I feel lumped. YMMV  fire away back at me - I don't have enough
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