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[IP] Re: Big Babies

> This is only temporary, things do
> stabalize, but you just wouldn't want to be  out of control and
> pregnant at the same time. For MDI'rs and pumpers in relatively good
> control, this is not a problem. I just related it so you'd have an
> idea of one of the problems that can occur for the knot heads that
> don't take care of themselves.

I guess I'd better take a BG - I'm getting offended. Back in the *olden days*
when we had just ONE injection a day of NPH/Reg. we had no way of knowing how
to correct a BG - we had no BGs except once a month at the lab. NO A1c's
either. My first baby was a 10#er and not too well off. She lost 2# of water
in a couple of days, was orange and hit the sides of the isolette. She
wouldn't eat for 3 days and ate only an oz. or 2 at a time after that. She had
a touch of Hyaline Membrane Disease and was induced 17 days early.  The
internist was concerned too much insulin would harm the baby so added DBI (the
first diabetes pill for T-2s) to my intake during the pregnancy. I took that
pill for the following 16 years with my daily injection. I didn't know I was
out of control or if I did, we didn't know what to do about it.

Ten mos. & 14 days later our son was induced 23 days early. He was 7#12 oz - I
had toxemia and he turned black from a lack of oxygen (severe Hyaline Membrane
Disease) and almost died. He remained in an isolette for 8 days, didn't come
home for 15 days.  I always knew *I* was to blame for their circumstances and
friends would tell me not to say that. WE DIDN'T KNOW WE WERE KNOTHEADS.  They
are both healthy 38 & 39 y/o's today and I'm thankful for that. Oh, to go back
and do it all over again with pumps, Humalog, home BGs, A1c's, etc.

It was frustrating knowing that know matter what you did you had *guilt*
because of the tools available at the time. Orange pee tests always - no
matter what. I gained so much water the OB gave me a shot and had me call him
the next day to report how much weight I had lost. I gained 2# so was
hospitalized for 4 days. How would a correction be made? There were no sliding
scales, etc.  I know I'm talking *olden days* - but the guilt of my babies'
circumstances will ALWAYS hang over my sorry head.  The 2 babies and I cried
every day for the following 3 months. I almost had a nervous breakdown. No one
offered ANY assistance or anything - my eyes were always puffy. I don't look
back on any of it with fondness. I didn't hold another baby between my 2nd one
and my grandson I was so turned off - except a friend had me briefly hold her
baby while she put something in her car one time.

The best thing in the whole event was that during the first pregnancy I had
a.m. sickness even in the hospital the 5 days before I was induced (hat was in
the days of Thalidomide for a.m. sickness) I wasn't given any. PTL!!!!

It's BG time - had to vent. I think *we* are categorizing too many as moochers
and knotheads here. Maybe we need to know each individual circumstance before
each flame. I feel lumped. YMMV  fire away back at me - I don't have enough
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