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[IP] Re: Financial support of this group

> If it seems like I am mooching I am sorry.  I don't mean to. Mary >

I think it has been said that if someone has an opinion they should be able to
state it without flames. Someone accusing all others who cannot contribute is
putting *us* in that category (moochers). My hugsband's pay has been cut by
$13,000 a yr in the last 2 yrs. I hear people complain they have to pay $15
per Rx. I just received 5 different ones that cover 90 days - the *cheap* way:
via mail through my insurance co. Those 5 cost us $178.00. I take 11 diff.
ones. I could go on and on. I remember reading of someone once who, if
required to contribute, would unsubscribe. I am sorry I cannot give, and if
required OR be flamed as a *moocher* will stick with my 4 other support groups
where I can also get information and leave this group to the *rich
contributors.* YMMV
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