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Re: [IP]Financial Support of this Group

> Much of the value of the group is it's size and diversity. I think
> many would continue if there were fees, but it would be very
> difficult to bring in new people suspicious of having to pay for the
> unknown. As the membership grows, hopefully it will be easier. Most
> people can afford a buck a month or $10 a year. I just hope that
> everyone will do so. I really dislike having to bombard the list for
> $$ to make the rent, but it's a fact of life.

> email @ redacted

It looks like there is a simple way for those of us who shop at Amazon to
help generate some money for Insulin-Pumpers. Amazon.com has a really great
associate program that I see Insulin-Pumpers belongs to. The following page
has a collection of diabetes related books that are linked into Amazon:


If you buy one of these books after clicking on a link, Insulin-Pumpers gets
a few percent. What's not so obvious is that Amazon pays a percentage on
_everything_ you purchase after clicking through on a link, even if you
don't buy the item you clicked through on. The purchases don't have to have
anything to do with diabetes at all. In other words, if you're going to buy
something at Amazon:

* Go to http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/books.shtml

* Click through on any book.

* Make your other purchases.

* Amazon should now credit a few percent of the sale to Insulin-Pumpers for
payment at the end of the quarter. Amazon does _not_ send any information
about you (name, address, credit card, anything.) All the associate sees are
summaries of how many people clicked through and what items were purchased.

* This doesn't raise or lower the price you pay at Amazon for your
purchases. All it does is takes a few percent of the price that Amazon
receives and diverts it to Insulin-Pumpers.

P.S. I've been using the Amazon associate program for a few years on my own
site (not diabetes related), which explains why I'm familiar with the

 David Adams
 Kailua, HI 96734
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