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Re: [IP] Re: Dex and LO

on 1/3/01 12:44 AM, email @ redacted at email @ redacted wrote:

> I hope this doesn't start a war on the list about meters.  That is NOT my
> intention.  It is just that with these two different DEX meters (plus my
> friend's) having such drastically different readings with the same sample
> tells me that it can NOT be trusted!

I have been using a DEX for quite a while now and the only time I see a
difference is when there isn't a full sample of blood drawn then it will
read quite a bit lower. When I double check if I am unsure of a reading (hi
or low) it is within 10 points either way. Also, my A1C'S seem to jive with
the readings. My experience only.

Type I - 1972
MM508 - 5/2000
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