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Re: [IP] Living with Diabetes Psychologically

Darrin Parker wrote:
> What i don;t know how to handle are friends who just plain tell me I'm a
> liar - that "their grandmother only has ot test once a week" and "you don't
> have to be that exact with food"...  You can't help those who don;'t want
> help!

Since you KNOW that those (ignorant) comments are coming, you need some
canned responses: "Your grandmother apparently has stable Type 2; I
don't -- I have UNstable Type 1." "YOU'RE being EXACTLY that precise
with food and insulin, why shouldn't I??" "Your body runs on autopilot
-- mine runs on manual, and when you're on manual, you have to pay
> Still I have a hard time dealing with the anger and remarks that I'm lazy
> or slow or "worse than a woman" etc when taking the extra few minutes to
> test etc. 

"Do *I* complain when you take an extra few minutes to SHOWER??? I need
to test even MORE than you need to shower, and you need it a LOT!" (You
can cut out the last part if you're not as nasty as I am!)

I'm sure therer are a lot more snappy comebacks -- the worst that could
happen is you'd lose a couple of "friends" who were never friends to
begin with. But you have to defend yourself -- don't let others hurt
you! Or like Sara SP always said, Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Bumpy!

Good luck! 
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